Those Pesky Images

From what I've seen images are the most messed up thing on the web today. They are broken, too large, poorly placed, too numerous, too few, anything you can think of and someone's messed it up.

That terrible little "broken" icon

One of the worst eyesores on a page is to see the broken image. PLEASE, when you update a page and put images on it, check it for broken images! Same thing goes if you move things around in directories or whatever. It just takes so much away from a page to have a big blank spot and the most annoying icon.

*When fixing a broken image check the name of the file. The most common mistake is mixing up .jpg and .gif

Please God give me thumbnails!

The worst thing you can do is make an image gallery and leave all the images at full size. It's so easy to make a thumbnail. You simply go into a paint program and resize the image. Simply name the thumbnail after the original, for example: Yaten.jpg would be the full size and Yaten_t.jpg would be the resize. Then you upload the original image and the thumbnail. You place the thumbnail in the gallery using a link to show the full one. It saves so much loading time and is quite convinient for the viewer.

*It helps to make all the thumbnails the same size.
*Make sure that your resize doesn't distort the image too much. The point of thumbnails is to give a preview.

It's Beautiful! But it's a logo!

So many times I see an image that I fall in love with. And ten to one someone has made it into a logo. And another ten to one is that they don't have the original image on thier webpage. Why can't you just put the original in a gallery?

*A convinient way to let someone have the unedited version of a picture is to use the picture as a link to the original (That is if the logo isn't a way into a page).
*Another way would be to make a tiny link next to the logo, using a small character that would not take away from the layout of the page. An asteric: * for example.

Too many pictures too little space

It doesn't matter how many pretty pictures you have. CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM. You can't have a thousand on a single page. It just doesnt work. Too many images is an eyesore, not to mention a loading time hastle.